Motor Vehicle Registrations & Transfers

All applicants must arrive before 4:00 p.m. to have a title processed.

Motor Vehicle Registration from Out-of-State

  • When someone moves to Minnesota, they must submit foreign state title or current registration if the title is unavailable.
  • Applicants must provide current odometer reading and driver's license or state-issued identification card.
  • If there is a lien against the vehicle, the owner must provide the name and complete address of the lender, as well as the date of the loan.
  • Owner's signature is required on the Minnesota title application.

Transfer Vehicle Ownership

Note: This is not all-inclusive as to the purchase or transfer of vehicles.
  • Title from state of last license is used to transfer (MN's title is 7"x11" green & white). If the title cannot be located, the seller must apply for a duplicate.
  • The mileage as it appears on the odometer must be written on the title.
  • Title will show all current owners' names. All those whose names appears as owners must sign as sellers.
  • If a lien holder is listed (bank, credit union, or individual from whom money was borrowed), the lien holder must sign title or lien card releasing their interest in the vehicle.
  • Transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer is NOT finished until the completed title is turned in and the excise tax and related fees are paid.
  • For unique situations or questions on vehicle transfers, please visit or contact us at (507) 304-4340.

Purchaser's Duties

  • Print full name(s), address, date(s) of birth, driver's license number(s) and sign.
  • If no lien, check "None." If money was borrowed to purchase, the complete name and address of the lien holder(s) and the date of the lien must be printed on the title.
  • Vehicle transfers from dealership to private individual(s) are usually handled by the dealership. However, out-of-state purchases of new vehicles require the Manufactured Statement of Origin (MSO) signed by the dealer with the individual(s) name(s) listed as purchaser(s).
  • All transfers and new vehicles must be transferred within 10 days of purchase.